Which Tax Haven Should You Use

You can view more articles on tax savings at another of my blog sites ( The Tax Haven Guru) but in answer to a number of requests:

The new nations seeking to add ” tax haven ” as a financial resource to their country increased as the publicity of U.S. crackdowns became front page news.

Too many of the most recent – like The Gambia lack the infrastructure – at least at the present time. You need a competent number of fiduciaries and intermediaries to effectively establish a center ( centre for the English)  for International Business Corporations ( IBC).

We recommend using the larger established centers such as Seychelles – and this may vary – but use a centre that does not have a reciprocal tax treaty with  your country – wherever possible.

When setting up a trading account you get to name yourself and Jack A. Bass as portfolio mangers .This allows you access to the account – yet your name does not appear as the holder or owner of the account. We charge only 1 % to set up the account and earn our fees through performance.There are fees to incorporate , open a bank account and a trading account – these run to approximately $ 5,000 dollars.

For more information email info@jackbassteam.com or call me direct at 604-858-3202


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