TTM Technologies BUY Target Price $ 11

Target: US$11.00

TTMI is a leading global supplier of printed circuit boards focused on advanced technologies including advanced HDI, rigid flex PCB, and substrate. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, TTMI has approximately 18,000 employees worldwide and is listed on the Nasdaq. TTMI operates 15 specialized factories in the US and China.

Technology — Hardware — Semiconductor Devices and Related
Investment recommendation

Management continues to expect higher utilization rates to drive near term improvements to gross margin, while divestiture and plant closure should structurally improve margins for the long term. For Q1, we expect upside to estimates on iPad Air strength and a conservative reserve, while Networking weakness was captured in guidance despite recent concerns stemming from Cisco’s outlook. We are reiterating a BUY rating and $11 price target.
Strong iPad Air boosting PCB suppliers
For Q4, supply chain conversations indicate strong demand for iPad Air is resulting in upward revisions to forecasts for PCB suppliers. Further, we believe production for the retina version of the iPad Mini is likely to pick up in Q1, following constrained production levels in Q4, potentially offsetting some of TTMI’s normal negative Q1 seasonality.
Cautious Cisco commentary not incremental to TTMI’s outlook

We believe TTMI captured Networking weakness in its Q4 guidance. The company has very little exposure to set top boxes and is still seeing good demand in the high end of networking (advanced routers and data center). TTMI doesn’t participate in federal so it is not seeing any impact from the government shutdown, while the guide from the earnings call captured a softer Asia wireless infrastructure, with Networking overall guided down for Q4.
Inventory reserves look conservative
We believe upside to margin expectations is possible if the $3M of the warranty claim taken as reserves against future claims turns out to be high. Most of the products these boards shipped into were sold last


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