Trading Alert : New Position NOK

Using some funds from exit of Dryships

Note BDI down again this morning

I now contend that the negative effect of the dilution is likely to drive the stock lower once again. Re-entering around the high $2 level isn’t out of the question – but I wouldn’t be holding here and I certainly wouldn’t be buying here.

Portfolio  Management : Engagement Process for Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts

The Engagement Agreement authorizes us to officially act on your  behalf and also provides for protection of confidentiality in regards to the dissemination and distribution of your sensitive financial information.Generally you will name Jack A. Bass as a person allowed to trade your portfolio – BUT without any authority to remove funds from your account.

Due Diligence. Once our company is engaged, we undertake the required due diligence to confirm and verify the necessary information required to execute your request.

Evaluation. After due diligence we evaluate your / your  company’s current value and estimate future value based on recent market and other comparable data.

Fees. Engagement Fees are  NOT based on the number of hours and direct costs required to complete due diligence, perform an evaluation, and prepare the necessary information to support your request that we act for you.Our initial review: this includes performing financial analysis, conduct competitive comparisons, in- depth financial reviews, and validating the necessary information to prepare the most compelling portfolio related to your needs.

We earn our fees by performance :

1 % per year as administration

20 % of annual portfolio gains calculated twice a year

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Above Average
As of 10 Jan 2014 at 11:03 AM EST.
I am optimistic about Nokia since the day it announced it was going to sell its handset division, and believe that the share prices don’t reflect the true value of the company. Additionally, NSN’s ability to win contracts worldwide implies that it will return to profitability and acquire a substantial cash balance in the coming year. Nokia has a healthy net cash position of around $3.27 billion at the end of the third quarter of 2013, and after the Microsoft deal, Nokia’s net cash could go up to $10.79 billion. Historically Nokia has used both dividends and share buybacks to return cash to shareholders, and I expect something similar to occur with Nokia’s large cash position. Though there is no official statement from Nokia regarding how it will use this cash, investors could expect a possible dividend in the first quarter of 2014.


Open 8.17 P/E Ratio (TTM)
Last Bid/Size 8.19 / 1213 EPS (TTM) -0.15
Last Ask/Size 8.20 / 739 Next Earnings 23 Jan 2014
Previous Close 8.05 Beta 1.85
Volume 10,257,542 Last Dividend
Average Volume 18,951,313 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 8.19 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 8.12 Shares Outstanding 3.7B
52 Week High 8.19 # of Floating Shares 3743.333M
52 Week Low 3.02 Short Interest as % of Float 0.65%

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