Quicksilver Alarm Bells

My  recent column suggested watch and wait . a number of readers replied they were committed and certain .

I am watching and the market has yet to bless KWK .

Here is an extract from a Seeking Alpha article warning that Quicksilver and Forest Oil face such pressures that bankruptcy may be in the future.

  • The high natural gas price has trapped both companies which have loaded their balance sheets with a lot of debt.
  • Both companies have tried to deleverage their balance sheets over the last 12 months.
  • They still have a long way to go in order to strengthen their weak balance sheets.
  • A bankruptcy is not out of the question.

Valuation Results

Both Quicksilver and Forest have a lot of work to do on the debt front. Those investors who ignore the debt hurdle or try to put it aside, are making a huge mistake. In fact, both companies carry scary debt to CF ratios that threaten their survival, considering also the fact that the natural gas price is inflated currently and will not stay at the current levels of $4.5/MMbtu for long.


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