Apple – TINY follows interest iPhone6 next generation –

Price and volume moving on Apple Connection

other factors not calculated in price ?

Nanosys had a valuation in 2004 of $500m – at that point it had no product, no customers and no revenue. Now with AAPL behind them, you can argue that its valuation is well north of what it was a decade ago. For argument let’s say that it’s worth somewhere between $1.5 billion and $3 billion. This would make its stake worth between $3 and $6 a share, on top of its current NAV of about $4.00. This would give TINY a “fair value” of $7 to $10 a share. Also this valuation doesn’t account for any of their other late stage companies taking advantage of the hot IPO market. You could argue Harris & Harris has 3 other portfolio companies which could conceivably file for an IPO in late 2014 or early/mid 2015, further increasing the fair value of its portfolio.

  • With TINY trading around $3.36 over 20% under NAV (which is very conservative) it would be an interesting way to profit from a major component supplier to AAPL and iPhone6. I haven’t seen one article or mention which connects to AAPL/iPhone6. This appears to be totally missed by the market and flying under traders and investor’s radar. TINY at these levels is an extremely undervalued option on investor and trader interest in a major component/technology supplier and also has a much longer-term appeal on valuation and upcoming IPO potential of its maturing portfolio.

    Above Average
    As of 28 Apr 2014 at 12:06 PM EDT.


     Little offered as shareholders seek a new 52 Week high


    Open 3.73 P/E Ratio (TTM)
    Last Bid/Size 3.68 / 10 EPS (TTM) -0.65
    Last Ask/Size 3.73 / 23 Next Earnings 5 May 2014
    Previous Close 3.69 Beta 1.33
    Volume 152,482 Last Dividend
    Average Volume 121,291 Dividend Yield 0.00%
    Day High 3.78 Ex-Dividend Date
    Day Low 3.63 Shares Outstanding 31.2M
    52 Week High 3.94 # of Floating Shares 28.56535M
    52 Week Low 2.83 Short Interest as % of Float 0.31%


    Market Maker Shares Bid Price Ask Price Shares Market Maker
    Direct Edge ECN LLC 100 3.680 3.730 100 Archipelago Stock Exchange
    Direct Edge ECN LLC 1,000 3.680 3.730 200
    Nasdaq Execution Services, LLC. 218 3.680 3.730 300 Direct Edge ECN LLC
    Archipelago Stock Exchange 500 3.660 3.730 100 Philadelphia Stock Exchange
    100 3.660 3.730 100 Timber Hill LLC
    Bats Trading, Inc. 100 3.600 3.780 200 Direct Edge ECN LLC
    100 3.600 3.790 100
    Citigroup Global Markets Inc. 100 3.600 3.800 100 Bats Trading, Inc.
    100 3.590 3.800 100
    Timber Hill LLC 100 3.560 3.810 100 Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
    Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC 100 3.440 3.930 100 Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
    Goldman, Sachs & Co. 100 3.420 3.950 100 Knight Capital Americas LLC

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