Panama Bank Secrecy

Panama Bank Secrecy. the title  says it all

Here is what are clients can rely upon – our due diligence and guidance in selecting incorporation, trust and bank vehicles – plus the nation’s laws:

Article 111 of the Panamanian banking law states the following:

ARTICLE 111. BANKING CONFIDENTIALITY. Banks will only divulge information about its clients or their operations with their consent. Banks will not require consent from their clients in the following cases:
When the information is required from the authorities according the law.
When from their own initiative it must be provided in compliance with laws related to the prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism, and related crimes.
Rating agencies for risk analysis purposes.
To data processing agencies or offices for operational or accounting purposes.

Our Panama Offshore and Financial Services

Panama tax haven is a leading offshore jurisdiction for companies and foundations.  Other offshore services are available to investors who are interested in operating or investing in Panama in one way or the other.  Panama is a true tax haven and levies zero tax on all offshore operations.  Panama tax haven offshore services can be summarized as follows:

  • Panama Corporation formation
  • Panama Foundation formation
  • Offshore banking
  • Vessel registration
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Capital/financing procurement
  • Trademark registration
  • Investment brokerage

We’ve Done All the Research
First, we’ve done all the research and conveniently gathered all U.S. and International regulations pertaining to Information Technology, Physical Security, Records Management, Privacy, and Third Party Invoicing into one place

We Help You Map the Overlap Between Regulations
Track compliance regulations, standards, and contractual agreements (Authority Documents),their changes, their individual originators and issuers, and their terms and acronyms

Developing a tax strategy is not the same as walking into the mall and opening a checking account.

Tax Haven Savings – Contact Information

Are you finally taking the step to tax freedom by incorporation and banking in a low tax jurisdiction? and if not why not ? Information must proceed action and that is why we offer a no cost / no obligation inquiry service.

Email info@ or
Call Jack direct at 604-858-3202 – Pacific Time 9:00 – 5;00 Monday to Friday

The main intention of our website is to provide objective and independent information that will help the potential investor to make his own decisions in an informed manner. To this effect we try to explain in a simple language the different processes and the most important figures involved in offshore business and to show the different alternatives that exist, evaluating their pros and cons.
On the other hand we intend – in terms of offshore finance, bringing these products to the average citizen.

Do something to help yourself – contact Jack A. Bass now !


One thought on “Panama Bank Secrecy

  1. Exactly as I found it. A little problem with transfering non- cash assets into my foundation but that was all . appreciate the help. R.G.


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