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Corporate Income Tax Rates Around The World : U.S. Third Highest
Posted on August 30, 2014 by jackbassteam

The United States Has the Third Highest Corporate Tax Rate among 163 Nations

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The top marginal corporate tax rate among the 163 countries surveyed was the United Arab Emirates, which has a top rate of 55 percent . This is followed by the African nation of Chad (40 percent). The United States, with a combined top marginal tax rate of 39.1 percent (consisting of the federal tax rate of 35 percent plus the average tax rate among the states), has the third highest corporate income tax rate in the world. In contrast, the average across all 163 countries and tax jurisdictions is 22.6, or 30.6 percent weighted by gross domestic product.

Every region in the world except for Oceania is represented in the top twenty countries. Six of the top twenty countries are in Africa and five are in Asia. The nine remaining countries are in South and North America.

Other large nations in the top twenty countries besides the United States are Japan (37 percent), France (34.4 percent), Brazil (34 percent), Pakistan (34 percent), and India (34 percent)

The key findings of the latest summary of worldwide corporate tax data published by The Tax Foundation are:

The United States has the third highest general top marginal corporate income tax rate in the world at 39.1 percent, exceeded only by Chad and the United Arab Emirates.
The worldwide average top corporate income tax rate is 22.6 percent (30.6 percent weighted by GDP).
By region, Europe has the lowest average corporate tax rate at 18.6 percent (26.3 percent weighted by GDP); Africa has the highest average tax rate at 29.1 percent.
Larger, more industrialized countries tend to have higher corporate income tax rates than developing countries.
The worldwide (simple) average top corporate tax rate has declined over the past decade from 29.5 percent to 22.6 percent.
Every region in the world has seen a decline in their average corporate tax rate in the past decade

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