Year End Tax Advice On Investment Gains/ Losses / Income

Sell Your Losers



Not all stocks and mutual funds fared well this year, despite a 13.2% rise for the S&P 500 through December 1. If you own investments in a taxable account, such as a brokerage account, that are worth less than you paid for them, consider cutting them loose before year-end. You can use the losses to offset capital-gains income.

If your losses exceed your gains, you can deduct up to $3,000 from your other taxable income. Losses that exceed that amount can be carried forward to future years.

Delay the Sale of Investment Winners



If you’re about to rebalance your portfolio by selling some winners so you can redeploy the cash elsewhere, remember that waiting until after January 1 means you won’t have to report the gains as part of your 2014 income. Never make an investment move based solely on the tax impact, but don’t ignore it, either.


Defer Income Until 2015



If you think a year-end bonus is in the works, ask that it be paid next year. That way, it won’t increase your 2014 taxable income. (If the firm has already announced that it will pay bonuses in December, though, it’s 2014 income even if you don’t cash the check until January.)

If you’re self-employed, send bills to clients in late December so you won’t receive payments until after the first of the year.

Alternate Guaranteed Income Payments

Private client funds Minimum $10,000 Maximum Loan $500,000

Our client is seeking funds to expand their tanker fleet .

Interest 12 % compounded – paid 1% per month

Floating charge of the full $500,000 against the fleet – valued at  more than $ 1 M

– see contact information set out below.


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Investors will not wait for the government to sort things out and then lurch to the next crisis.What are you doing ?

Who Is Designing Your Offshore Strategy ?( do you have a strategy?)

The most important thing that you MUST do is seek advice from a qualified advisor – Jack A. Bass, B.A. LL.B. (someone who understands international tax jurisdictions and tax law) . Your advisor must understand the benefits of particular offshore jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to take action.

In most jurisdictions you can set up your offshore company in as little as a few weeks. We most often start the process with registering a company name and sending in the right documentation and supporting documents for the incorporation and a bank account(s) or merchant account for you and your business.All of this can be conducted by internet on in rare cases we will attend in person – for you.

      You can start today – for a confidential / no fee/ no obligation  initial inquiry 

Email OR

 OR call Jack direct at 604-858-3202


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