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In search of tailor-made solutions

Our core business lies in the fields of formation/administration of global corporations , trusts,foundations , asset safeguarding and sucession arrangements

We compile legally protected and tax optimising concepts and find the optimal solution for you.

We offer extensive services and contacts in the following fields:

  • Company , trusts ,foundations – incorporation and jurisdiction selection
  • Asset safeguarding
  • Tax optimisation
  • Managment consulting
    Bank introductions

Email : info@jackbassteam.com   ( all emailed answered within 24 hours)



Call Jack direct at 604-858-3302  Pacific Time

10:00 – 4:00 Monday to friday

There is never a cost or obligation for this inquiry.



JB offshore.mp4  The First Rule Is Safety

About Jack A. Bass Business Development Services


Jack A. Bass and Associates

Jack A. Bass and Associates 92 – 6887 Sheffield Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 5V5 (604) 858-3202 www.jackbassteam.com/ Email  info@jackbassteam.com Management Consulting
Linkedin  John ( Jack) Bass B.A. ,LL.B.

Personal  Information Jack Bass is a world class business consultant – building success in a complex, uncertain, and ambiguous world.

Tax Site  http://www.youroffshoremoney.com

Tax Blog Site :     Tax Haven Guru ( WordPress)

Jack A. Bass B.A., LL.B  is one of  North America’s foremost consultants, economists and stock market writers. He forecast the dramatic rise in the price of gold – from below $900 to call for the sale of gold and gold stocks at $1800 an ounce.  He forecast the fall in natural gas prices from $12.

In 2009 he  is forecast an astounding rise in the stock market even as he warned of the fallout from Obama Economics. “Obama Economics threatens all markets as the influence of runaway printing presses will turn on its creators – The White House and Wall Street – and then on the folks on Main Street. We can only rely on ourselves to prepare for the turns in economic cycles”.

Portfolio  Management : Engagement Process for Jack A. Bass Managed Accounts Portfolio  Management : The Engagement Agreement authorizes us to officially act on your  behalf and also provides for protection of confidentiality in regards to the dissemination and distribution of your sensitive financial information.Generally you will name Jack A. Bass as a person allowed to trade your portfolio – BUT without any authority to remove funds from your account. Due Diligence. Once our company is engaged, we undertake the required due diligence to confirm and verify the necessary information required to execute your request. Contact : email info@jackbassteam.com Or Call Jack Direct at 604-858-3202  ( same time zone as Los Angeles )

Education     :   B.A. ( Economics  ), LL.B. ( Law) VVideoY AND INTEGRITY”

Management Experience
Jack A. Bass and Associates

( and please view that site for a full Profile and  Client Testimonials )

Teaching Experience:
Confederation College: (Thunder Bay) Business Law , Business Planning
How to Send Your Money Out To Work
How To Make Real Money In Real Estate
Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio 2012 E-book
       ( available from Amazon.com)
Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio  2012 ( print edition)  500 pages
The Gold Investor’s Handbook
Now available at http://www.Amazon.com
alternate email  jackabass@gmail.com
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