Trading Alert – Castle Brands ( ROX)

Sudden increase in price and volume in the last hour.



Jack A. Bass Manages accounts have added to our small position at .96

Below Average
As of 30 May 2014 at 3:43 PM EDT.


Open 0.9118 P/E Ratio (TTM)
Last Bid/Size 0.9581 / 1 EPS (TTM) -0.11
Last Ask/Size 0.9700 / 84 Next Earnings
Previous Close 0.9121 Beta 0.94
Volume 140,475 Last Dividend
Average Volume 167,775 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 0.9700 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 0.9118 Shares Outstanding 150.1M
52 Week High 1.55 # of Floating Shares 63.58676M
52 Week Low 0.3001 Short Interest as % of Float 0.54%

NEWL- The War Of Fear and Greed On Display


A near death experience forced the Company to protect its Nasdaq listing by a reverse split . That is in order to maintain a trading price of more than $ 1.00 it consolidated the shares – 50 ” old” shares selling at  6 cents were to be exchanged for one share which in theory would trade at about $3.00 ( 50 times 6 cents).

Instead the shares plunged to 65 cents – then went on a wild ride- back up to over $3.50 and back down in the last three days.

The company has arranged the purchase of two new ships and manages others . It appears to me that management  wants to rebuild a shattered entity. In the meantime the stock has become a plaything for penny players. It also has a coal mine in the U.S.

I am not a penny stock player  but here is a down and out member of the down and out shipping sector that appears worth some spec money.The Baltic Dry Index which in 2008 before the decline was over 10,000 is now below 1000. The sector – as I have written is one to watch – but not invest in at this time . When the turn comes it will be for years . The turn depends on a return to growth in China, iron ore and grain shipments that will trace an upturn in the world economy.- but most important is China which appears to be growing again.

Thursday I purchased 1000 shares at $ 1.60 following a dramatic decline during the day from near $3.00 to the $1.60 level.It appears that panic set it and I expect that on Friday cooler heads will prevail and the stock will recover as bargain hunters ( and spec players) try to calculate a value for a beat up stock.

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Above Average
As of 30 May 2014 at 9:43 AM EDT.


Open 1.80 P/E Ratio (TTM)
Last Bid/Size 2.01 / 2 EPS (TTM) -56,034.36
Last Ask/Size 2.02 / 59 Next Earnings
Previous Close 1.67 Beta 2.16
Volume 3,962,252 Last Dividend
Average Volume 21,173,255 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 2.10 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 1.76 Shares Outstanding 10.1M
52 Week High 8,235.00 # of Floating Shares 3.06757M
52 Week Low 0.3788 Short Interest as % of Float 1.65%

Morgan Stanley on Drillers

Diamond Offshore raised at Morgan Stanley as floater availability has peaked • 11:27 AM

  • Diamond Offshore (DO +1%) is upgraded to Equal Weight from Underweight with a $57 price target, up from $47.50, at Morgan Stanley, which says earnings risk has largely played out and shares have an attractive yield.
  • The cycle is turning and floater availability has peaked, the firm believes, expecting trading to be driven increasingly by the reduction of floater availability through a pickup in fixtures rather than the confirmation of negative data points on dayrates.
  • Stanley sees negative sentiment on the offshore drillers group reversing to the extent that ballooning floater availability is absorbed from upcoming contract announcements.
  • Also: ATW +1.4%HERO +1%NE +0.8%ESV +0.8%RDC +0.5%RIG +0.4%.

Google To Start Building Self-driving Cars

Google is to start building its own self-driving cars, rather than modifying vehicles built by other manufacturers.

The car will have a stop-go button but no controls, steering wheel or pedals.

Pictures of the Google vehicle show it looks like a city car with a “friendly” face, designed to make it seem non-threatening and help people accept self-driving technology.

Co-founder Sergey Brin revealed the plans at a conference in California.

“We’re really excited about this vehicle – it’s something that will allow us to really push the capabilities of self driving technology, and understand the limitations,” said Chris Urmson, director of the company’s self-driving project.

He added that the cars had the ability to “improve people’s lives by transforming mobility”.

But some researchers working in this field are investigating potential downsides to driverless car technology.

They believe they could make traffic and urban sprawl worse, as people accept longer commutes as they do not have to drive themselves.

Flexible windscreen

The BBC was given access to the Google team to talk about the secret project, and see early renderings of the car.

It looks almost cartoon-like, it has no traditional bonnet at the front, and the wheels are pushed to the corners.

Google self-drive carGoogle says it will initially build 100 prototype vehicles

It will seat two people, propulsion will be electric, and at the start it will be limited to 25mph (40km/h) to help ensure safety.

The most significant thing about the design is that it does not have any controls, apart from a stop/go button.

For early testing, extra controls will be fitted so one of Google’s test drivers can take over if there is a problem.

The controls will simply plug in, and Mr Urmson believes that over time, as confidence in the technology grows, they will be removed entirely.

The front end of the vehicle is designed to be safer for pedestrians, with a soft foam-like material where a traditional bumper would be, and a more flexible windscreen, which may help reduce injuries.

The vehicle will use a combination of laser and radar sensors along with camera data to drive autonomously.

It will depend on Google’s road maps, built specifically for the programme, and tested on the company’s current fleet of vehicles.

Google self-drive carGoogle says it expects its self-drive cars to be on the road ‘within a year’

Ready in a year

Google recently announced that its self driving cars had covered 700,000 miles of public roads in autonomous mode, and that they were now tackling the tricky problem of busy city streets.

The company plans to build a fleet of around 200 of the cars in Detroit, with the hope of using them as an autonomous technology test bed.

“We’ll see these vehicles on the road within the year,” says Mr Urmson.

Advocates claim that autonomous cars have the potential to revolutionise transport, by making roads safer, eliminating crashes, and decreasing congestion and pollution. In the year to June 2013, more than 23,500 people were killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents in the UK,according to government figures.

Simulation of roadThe view from Google’s self-drive car and its computer during tests

Ron Medford, previously the deputy director of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and now the safety director for the self-driving car team at Google, believes that number could be drastically reduced by removing the chance of driver error.

“I think it has the potential to be the most important safety technology that the auto industry has ever seen,” he said.

But Sven Beiker, executive director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, cautions that driverless cars may still require human input in extreme circumstances and that people may forget how to operate their vehicles if they do not do it regularly.

This could be particularly dangerous in an emergency situation where the computer does not know how to react, and asks for input from a human who may not have been paying attention, he warned.

“You will not be able to fiddle around looking for the instruction manual in the glove box that you’ve never looked at before,” he said.

He equates it to people who drive automatics forgetting how to easily drive a car with a manual gearbox.

Frontline ( FRO) Forecast Hits Shipping Sector

The hoped for recovery seems more distant after Frontline reported today:

Watch for the Safe Bulkers ( SB) report Wednesday May 28

Frontline sees tanker market falling in Q2, shares -16% • 3:48 PM

  • Frontline (FRO -16.1%) is sharply lower despite beating Q1 earnings estimates after warning the tanker market would fall in Q2.
  • FRO, which has debt of more than $1B, said the downturn could cause it to raise equity, sell assets, establish new loans or refinance existing arrangements; if those measures were insufficient there was a risk it might be unable to repay a bond loan.
  • FRO provided no further details on tanker rates going forward but the Baltic and International Maritime Council said recently that Q2 prices would come sharply off the peak winter month highs.

    Frontline Ltd. (FRO)

    2.39 Down 0.47(16.43%) 4:00PM EDT
    After Hours : 2.44 Up 0.05 (2.09%) 4:03PM EDT – Nasdaq Real Time Price
    Prev Close: 2.86
    Open: 2.68
    Bid: 2.40 x 3200
    Ask: 2.41 x 3300
    1y Target Est: 2.96
    Beta: 3.51
    Next Earnings Date: N/A
    Day’s Range: 2.36 – 2.68
    52wk Range: 1.77 – 5.18
    Volume: 3,181,261
    Avg Vol (3m): 986,017
    Market Cap: 227.86M
    P/E (ttm): N/A
    EPS (ttm): -2.37
    Div & Yield: N/A (N/A)
    • As we suggest many time in this blog – the shipping sector is one to watch – but put your money to work in other sectors.

Trading Alert – NEWL Charges Back


As of 27 May 2014 at 10:38 AM EDT.


Open 2.80 P/E Ratio (TTM)
Last Bid/Size 3.18 / 96 EPS (TTM) -56,034.36
Last Ask/Size 3.20 / 150 Next Earnings
Previous Close 2.83 Beta 2.30
Volume 3,996,183 Last Dividend
Average Volume 21,085,591 Dividend Yield 0.00%
Day High 3.38 Ex-Dividend Date
Day Low 2.66 Shares Outstanding 10.1M
52 Week High 8,235.00 # of Floating Shares 10.02893M
52 Week Low 0.3788 Short Interest as % of Float 0.53%

IMAX – UPDATE – China Bound

IMAX* (IMX : TSX : $27.36), Net Change: 0.25, % Change: 0.92%, Volume: 14,154
IMAX* (IMAX : NYSE : US$25.16), Net Change: 0.29, % Change: 1.17%, Volume: 271,612
The 800-pound gorilla’s appetite is increasing for U.S. films. Seeking Alpha highlighted Friday that China’s box office haul for 2014 is now expected to reach $4.49 billion, marking a 24.7% increase from last year’s level.

The report added that U.S. films have performed extraordinarily well in China this year, led by Captain America: The Winter Soldier with a $116 million gross. Next up, Godzilla, which set a year-to-date opening weekend record for IMAX, will open in China in two weeks with
expectations for a successful run. IMAX stands to benefit from the significant growth in China, as the company continues to become further entrenched in the world’s largest country.

Also recently, Viacom’s (VIAB) CEO Philippe Dauman stated, “Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to play to gigantic audiences in China”. The report highlighted that studio executives
took promotional tie-ins for Transformers in China to a new level in anticipation of strong response. Currently, box office forecasts for the fourth Transformers film are sitting just below the $1 billion mark.

Seeking Alpha states that a solid launch in China could bring the movie into the 10-digit zone. The film’s release date is set for June 27, 2014.